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CHELSEY CAPITAL | Inventory Financing

Inventory Financing

Leverage your existing inventory for credit and remain flexible enough to service your clients.

Financing amount available

$5K - $500K

Get funded in as little as


What is Inventory Financing?

Some strategies involve borrowing to maintain adequate inventory levels, especially when demand is anticipated to go up. This type of short-term borrowing is highly effective to help with a company’s cash flow.

A certain percentage of the total value of the inventory is taken by the lender, and since the inventory is taken as collateral, there is no need for cash down payment. Many industries (for example, the manufacturing, forestry, mining and construction industry) use this type of financing.

Why should I leverage Inventory Financing?

It allows you to focus on increasing your sales volume by reallocating resources to support your sales strategies and capitalize on the growing demand.

Time is of the essence and customers need to get their goods as soon as possible. These days pricing takes a backseat to availability and if a company does not have the product available within a reasonable time, your customers will go elsewhere.

As inflation increases, your cost of raw materials increase, and that affects your gross margins. By applying an inventory financing strategy, you put a ceiling on your costs effectively growing your margins by capitalizing on your sales during inflationary times.

By providing available products to mission critical situations improve customer relationships and helps solidify future orders.

Financing Requirements

Chelsey Capital offers small business

funding options with minimum

eligibility requirements:



Monthly Revenue


Time in Business

6+ months

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