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Custom financing

Solutions that assist small, medium and large enterprises in leveraging capital for growth.

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Who We Are

We at Chelsey Capital are a team that has experience in growth opportunities that cannot be missed. Our services involve quick credit for most situations with the goal of developing long lasting relationships with clients around the world.

We offer the flexibility to maintain a steady cashflow for your internal operations and help you grow your business so you can take advantage of market opportunities.

Partnering with an asset based lending partner is more important today than ever before and we are the company to help you achieve your successes.

Uses of capital financing

Inventory Financing

These days pricing takes a backseat to availability. If your business does not have the product available within a reasonable time, your customers will go elsewhere. By providing available products to mission critical situations, you will improve customer relationships and solidify future orders.
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Machinery Financing

Many companies are investing into automated machinery as it is increasingly difficult to find skilled labour. Capital Financing for Machinery is an ideal strategy to accomplish this.
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Frequently Asked Questions

Financing Requirements

Chelsey Capital offers small business

funding options with minimum

eligibility requirements:



Monthly Revenue


Time in Business

6+ months

How Does It Work?



Understand your growth opportunities and your financing needs.



Fill out our application. It generally takes about 10-15 minutes to complete.



Our team will then work with you to ensure you receive your funding promptly.

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